Welcome to the UK’s number one website for mixing your own E-Liquids. We manufacture all of our E-Liquids in the UK and all are created using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. We stock a vast array of the highest quality E-Liquids, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine as well as all other elements required to make your very own DIY E-Liquid.  


We have new starter mixing kits here at DIY E-Liquids which contain all you will ever need for all of your vape life.  DIY E-Liquids are leaders in our industry, we supply the very best in E-Liquids, Mixing tools and high-quality ingredients. We have so many DIY vaping deals you will be spoiled for choice. We have high VG E-Liquids made with the best pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine, We have high-quality PG DIY ELiquids made with the best pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol found in the UK.


Our DIY E-Liquid mixing kits range from starters to advanced, Why not start out with a beginner's pack and work your way up to DIY E-liquid wizardry - before you know it you will be mixing your DIY E-Liquids with your eyes closed!


Not only do we sell DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kits but we sell Mods, Vape Tanks, accessories, vape kits, E-liquid concentrates as well as well known brands such as SYCO, DRIZZLE VAPE, ICE QUEEN VAPE, STUBBY CHUBBY and much more. DIY E-Liquids also stock and sell all you will ever need for your DIY E-liquid laboratory including bottles, syringes, accessories, nicotine and CBD E-Liquids which contain no PG based flavorings, no nicotine, and no THC.

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