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Here at DIY e-Liquids, we provide Vape cotton for your Vape, this is primarily used for users of a larger and more powerful Vape. The E-cig cotton is used as a pad for wicking and soaking up E-liquid Juice when Vaping. Cotton bacon will need to be replaced every 2-3 weeks (Depending on usage and your Vape strength) But we provide the cleanest, best organic cotton for your vaping experience. Vape cotton bacon also removes any unwanted tastes and wicks well with any Vape. Made with specific special cotton designed for vaping and being able to wick very well, the vape cotton products are tested and certified, peroxide free and medically confirmed. Within each bag you will receive 50 wicks, so plenty to keep your Vape going, Vape cotton/cotton bacon keeps your vaping juicing!

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