Benefits of using e-liquids and e-cigarettes

15 February 2018

The benefits of using e-liquids and e-cigarettes may seem self-evident, but some people are still sceptical about using e-liquids and e-cigarettes. For those of you that are still unsure about taking up e-liquids and e-cigarettes and dropping tobacco, here are the main rationalisations. The primary advantage of switching from tobacco to e-liquids, e-cigarettes and vaping in general is the health advantages. Tobacco is extremely harmful to its users, and those around the users, whereas e-liquids and e-cigarettes are completely safe. When you light a cigarette up, that burning process releases over 4,000 different types of chemicals, many of which have a range of harmful effects, and over 80 of them are carcinogenic (i.e. causes cancer). This alone should be enough to make the most hardened tobacco fan consider quitting, and there is no better way than with the help of e-liquids and e-cigarettes.

The other problem is the smell. Everything from the smoker’s clothes to their hair begin to smell like they’re a coal fire power station, not an appealing odour as you can imagine. It also effects a smoker’s environment, as the smell gets everywhere. their home, carpets, furniture, even their wallpaper, making it an unpleasant place for any non-smokers to be. When your using e-liquids and e-cigarettes, there is no such odour. When the e-liquid is “vaporised”, it releases nothing more than water vapour, no smell, no smoke damage, just the sweet taste of whatever e-liquid flavour you’re in the mood for.

If the health benefits…

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Is Vaping Right for you?

19 January 2018

Many people both beginners and experienced users of e-cigs and vapes have many questions for why they vape and what all the fuss around vaping is about.

Vaping has many uses one of them being a means of anti-smoking. Although many people use them as a fashion choice the act of vaping has a more meaningful use. Relaxation. Relaxation is the key to vaping whether it is to relax your addiction or more recreational use in which is more common as of 2015 50% of smokers turned to vaping and e-cigs and another 30% continue to smoke after they have kicked they’re nicotine addiction.

Some people say that vaping can be worse than regular cigarettes however, they couldn’t be more wrong, whereas the nicotine in a regular cigarette cannot be easily decrease and e-cig can slowly wean the user off nicotine getting rid of the dependence on the product. Although many drop the e-cigs after being weaned off many carry on and do it for relaxation and in the end, it is flavoured water vapour.

Everyone has different reasons for vaping and e-cigs, however we have only covered the 2 main ones. Some minor reason people may choose an e-cig over a regular cigarette is purely the technical side with various mods and tanks a very gadgetry person could get really excited especially with the range we have on offer here at DIYE-Liquids from various colours and pens to choose from an average person can…

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Starting the New Year with a New Vape?

20 December 2017

The start of year promises a lot of resolutions and a lot of hangovers for some. Although you may see this as an opportunity to start with a diet or promise, we here at e-liquids can provide to you an alternative to smoking. A better way of cutting down that tobacco intake whilst maintaining the cool calm composure of when you used cigarettes.

The initial starter kit on our website is tailor made to help smokers and non-smokers start vaping with ease setting you straight on your way to trying all our flavours. The package contains a basic vaporizer in which the battery’s life has been improved as well as a vape tank for a smoother taste for those who haven’t smoked before yet still want a smooth taste. Although many people think that the actual vapour is a nuisance in which can sway some people when using a vape, however, many vape pens such as the ones in the starter kit can adjust the amount of vapour it emits and the amount of nicotine the pen gives you allowing you to personalise your vaping experience to your own preferences.

Those, however, who have been vaping for a long time, and consider themselves experienced in vaping and E-liquids could try the advanced kit in which provides a more in-depth view on vapes. A means for those who wish to pursue more vaporizers as well as our fine selection of E-liquids and Modifications.


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Can’t find the Christmas Spirit in your vape this year?

20 December 2017

We here at DIY E-liquids want to introduce to you our wide range of E-liquids of fruity flavours and spices in which will both smell and taste beautiful. Consider mango or strawberry to brighten your taste buds and brighten your dark winter days with the taste of Spain and Portugal, as well as the tutti fruity mixture in which will fill the room with various scents rather than just the one.

Enjoy a more cleaner taste? Try our spearmint flavoured e-liquids giving you a fresher scent as well as tasting clean and minty fresh. Not only that, but many of our e-liquids within the 50/50 range come with a buy one gets one free deal. Doubling the amount of liquid, you can vape with half the price.

Although there is another option. The high voltage e-liquids present provide a more sophisticated taste including tastes such as batarang grape juice and black jack inspired haze creates a new taste sensation for those who wish to taste something different and new, as well as sport your favourite superheroes, villains and country. We also have a special deal on the flavour cloud chase in which we are offering if you buy 2 get 1 free for those avid to taste this high voltage e-liquid.

Our wide range of e-liquids provide a multitude of options for you to choose from including the taste of tobacco for ex-smokers who wish to get off the stuff as well as…

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Is Vaping Better for you than Smoking?

27 November 2017

Vaping is seen by the majority of individuals as being a safer and a more attractive alternative to smoking traditional nicotine filled cigarettes. Despite being a relatively new invention, vaping has already achieved a massive following and traditional cigarettes have generally seen a decline in sales and consumers as a result of the continued support and growth that vaping has achieved. However, is vaping actually better for you than smoking cigarettes and what impacts do both have on your health?

Firstly, vaping is a lot more socially acceptable than smoking nowadays. With anti-smoking propaganda through the roof and the negative effects on your body that it can have being made clear for all to see, smoking traditional cigarettes is no longer as accepted in society as it was before vaping was introduced. Vapour however is viewed in a different light. Vaping e-liquid is available in a multitude of different flavours, each of which with their own smell and the majority of these flavours actually smell very nice. In addition to this most public places have a ban on smoking indoors because of this whereas vaping in usually allowed thus, making it the more socially acceptable practice out of the two.


In terms of cost, again vaping comes out head-and-shoulders above traditional cigarette smoking making it better for you financially. With the traditional cigarette prices continuing to rise, the everyday smoker is going to be spending a lot more than they…

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