Can’t find the Christmas Spirit in your vape this year?

Can’t find the Christmas Spirit in your vape this year?

20 December 2017

We here at DIY E-liquids want to introduce to you our wide range of E-liquids of fruity flavours and spices in which will both smell and taste beautiful. Consider mango or strawberry to brighten your taste buds and brighten your dark winter days with the taste of Spain and Portugal, as well as the tutti fruity mixture in which will fill the room with various scents rather than just the one.

Enjoy a cleaner taste? Try our spearmint flavoured e-liquids giving you a fresher scent as well as tasting clean and minty fresh. Not only that, but many of our e-liquids within the 50/50 range come with a buy one gets one free deal. Doubling the amount of liquid, you can vape with half the price.

Although there is another option. The high voltage e-liquids present provide a more sophisticated taste including tastes such as Batarang grape juice and blackjack inspired haze creates a new taste sensation for those who wish to taste something different and new, as well as sport your favourite superheroes, villains and country. We also have a special deal on the flavour cloud chase in which we are offering if you buy 2 get 1 free for those avid to taste this high voltage e-liquid.

Our wide range of e-liquids provides a multitude of options for you to choose from including the taste of tobacco for ex-smokers who wish to get off the stuff as well as those who just prefer the taste. We have a choice for everyone here at DIYE-liquids from a beginner to a vaping pro.

Us here at E-liquids pride ourselves in providing you with the greatest e-liquids with the greatest offers we can acquire and make you happy with our range of tastes and sensations throughout our website.

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