E-Liquid Concentrates Flavours

E-Liquid Concentrates Flavours

8 August 2018

E-liquid concentrate flavours by DIY E-Liquids

Here at DIY E-liquids we offer a vast array of flavored concentrates for your DIY E-liquid Kits. The flavours are split into 7 categories on our website. E-Liquid concentrates offer amazing flavours to your e-liquid. We use highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our e-liquids concentrates that we sell, and are made in specially built clean rooms, this way our customers get the best quality, taste, and experience when mixing their own e-liquid to use in their e-cigarettes. We are your one-stop shop for creating your e liquids from concentrate.


  • Fruit flavours: Which is a collection of your favourite fruits and berries that can be mixed with your PG/VG kits to create a fruit sensation that suits your taste buds and gives you a smile when vaping. That’s what we call happy vaping! You will find such flavours like Apple, Watermelon Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange and many more!


  • Dessert flavours: This category will bring to life those sweet and succulent tasting cakes, tarts, puddings and more. This collection is a fantastic alternative vaping juice giving you a sweet and succulent taste with every vape you take. Our entire range of dessert flavored e-liquids offer a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and our dessert range has a vast range of choice ensuring that we have a dessert vape that is perfect for you. Flavours such as treacle tart, sticky toffee pudding, Eton mess, custard Doughnut and loads more are found on this page.


  • Drink flavours: A category that is very popular among our regular shoppers, and that is the drinks flavours! The drinks flavours consist of bringing your favourite soft drinks to life, with lots of fizz and lots of different tastes that blend together to create a tasty sensation that you will leaving your mouth watering. It’s a more alternative and unique set of flavored concentrate that gives you a mouthwatering selection of both soft and fizzy drink flavours designed to make your taste buds tingle and improve your vaping experience that much more. Flavours to be found in this category are flavours such as Vimto, Mojito, cherry cola, lucozade, tizer and many more.


  • Mint/Menthol Flavours: This category brings a whole host of different flavored vaping juices, each of which is unique in taste in smoking a refreshing menthol flavour concentrate juice. The mint-menthol range is ideal for all who want to enjoy a refreshing mint flavored vape. Our minty vaping e-liquids are strong in flavour, refreshing in taste and offer exceptional value for money, guaranteeing a refreshing and leaving you wanting more and more to meet your satisfaction. Flavours found in this category are flavours such as Mango+Lime Mint, Polar Ice, Cherry Menthol, Heisenberg Mint, blackcurrant aniseed and much more along those lines. 


  • Sweet/Candy Flavours: A huge category for us here at DIY E-liquids and one of the most popular among customers. The sweet and candy flavours bring a whole new flavour genre to the table! Potentially changing the game in the vaping industry. Our candy flavored concentrates are a popular choice due to their booming taste and appealing aroma, bringing a whole load of tastes, tangs, sweets and flavours to the table. Flavours found in this category go along the lines of finding flavours like sherbet lemon, skittles, Parma violets, fruit salads, jelly babies, gobstoppers and loads more amazing sweet based flavored E-liquids that will blow your mind.


  • Tobacco Flavours: Again, a very popular category for those more mature smokers who crave for that classic cigarette taste when vaping to give them a near same experience of smoking a cigarette. This range of tobacco flavored e-Liquids is made for the tobacco vaporizers that like to keep things traditional and have that sensation of smoking a cigarette without all the bad chemicals and effects of the smoke. So, whether you are looking for a tobacco flavour that is rich and Smokey or a smooth and sweet or even stronger and weaker in MG, you have the options and we have a Tobacco e-Liquid for you. Flavours found in this category are King Arthur tobacco, original tobacco and sweet tobacco.


  • Ice cream flavours: Last but not least, best till last whatever you want to call this one! We bring you the ice cream flavored concentrates. We all love Ice Cream! There’s no debating that, so here at DIY e-Liquids we offer a vast range of indulgent Ice Cream and Ice Lolly e-Liquid flavours. We have Ice Cream e-Liquid flavours and tastes that give all sorts of sensations when vaping, from velvet cream tastes to sweet and sour taste. Our Ice Cream e-Liquids bring rich sensations to your taste buds that no other e-Liquid could do, bringing a full of life and taste and cooling after taste. We have blended some of the most delicious and popular Ice Cream based treats that really offer that tongue tingling taste. Flavours such as Vanilla ice, Twister ice lolly, raspberry ripple, solero ice cream and much more are found in this category.
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