Gold CBD Vape

Gold CBD Vape

4 July 2018

Here at DIY E-liquids we stock a range of gold CBD product ranges, but the question you may ask yourself what is the difference between an Ice mint in our standard DIY E-liquid flavours and a Gold CBD flavour?  Well Gold CBD are made from Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients and come in the following strengths 100mg 300mg and 500mg. GOLD CBD E Liquids are made using 99% Pure CBD Isolate. Gold CBD E-liquid take a different approach in creating E-liquids, and that is by replacing nicotine with CBD, which gives the user a new alternative method of stopping cigarettes. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is what’s left of the hemp/cannabis plant when the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is removed. Furthermore, we add a flavorsome twist to the taste to make this great taste tingle on your taste buds, with different flavours such as fruity, Minty and Drink based flavours. cannabidiol oil


We stock Gold CBD products in 8 different flavours in 3 different sizes. The stocked in the Gold CBD category are:


  • Blackcurrant Tune Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Blu Vim Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Bomb Tune Gold CBD Cherry E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Fruit Fizz Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Hein Berg Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500ml)

  • Ice Mint Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Menthol Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)

  • Strawberry Milkshake Gold CBD E-liquids (100mg 300mg and 500mg)


And more coming soon….


The Gold CBD flavours and E-liquids feature no PG based flavorings and come without THC and nicotine, also contains no alcohol or animal extracts and comes in a tamper proof/child proof bottle in again the three sizes of 100mg 300mg and 500mg.

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