Ice Queen Vape

Ice Queen Vape

22 June 2018

ICE ICE BABY! Cold flavours that will make your taste buds freeze in delight?

Well you come to the right place, the Ice Queen flavour E-liquids is the liquid for you if that’s your taste. Ice Queen Vape specialise in Ice vape juices chilling all their juices with a unique taste and method to create some of the most flavorsome E-liquids out there. With every flavour you will experience a fruity blast followed by a cool aftertaste.

The Ice Queen Vape E-liquids come in 5 different flavours:

  • Chilled Grape flavour

  • Chilled Mango flavour

  • Chilled Strawberry flavour

  • Chilled Tropical flavour

  • Chilled Watermelon flavour

These flavours all bring a unique taste to your vape and are served in 500ML bottles.

The Chilled Grape E-liquid by Ice Queen Vape presents a beautiful concoction of a juicy purple Grapes Blended with a ripe twist giving you a refreshing Ice aftertaste that really does create a burst of flavour to your vaping experience.

The Chilled Mango E-liquid by Ice Queen Vape brings a combination of juicy sweet mango flavoring with the unique icy blast like no other than Ice Queen Vaping! Mango and Ice what could be better? Beautifully blended together to create the Chilled Mango Flavour.

The Chilled Strawberry E-liquid by Ice Queen Vape brings your vaping experience a surreal element of fresh Strawberry’s. The taste is bang on and replicates a bowl of beautiful sweet strawberry’s brilliantly. This is a MUST buy juice for fruity vapers! Finished with a refreshing hit of Ice.

The Chilled Tropical E-liquid by Ice Queen Vape has a very distinctive taste to the flavour, As the Vape user you will experience an over burst of some of your favourite fruity flavours! A variety of Berry’s, Citrus and Pineapple!

The Chilled Watermelon E-liquid by Ice Queen Vape is a big flavour to vape on! An intensive fresh flavour of Watermelon fruits bring a succulent capturing taste of melon varieties, leaving you with a refreshing, natural and tasty after taste.

All flavours are lightly sweetened and all part of the icy menthol family of E-liquids.

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