Is Vaping Better for you than Smoking?

Is Vaping Better for you than Smoking?

27 November 2017

Vaping is seen by the majority of individuals as being a safer and a more attractive alternative to smoking traditional nicotine filled cigarettes. Despite being a relatively new invention, vaping has already achieved a massive following and traditional cigarettes have generally seen a decline in sales and consumers as a result of the continued support and growth that vaping has achieved. However, is vaping actually better for you than smoking cigarettes and what impacts do both have on your health?

Firstly, vaping is a lot more socially acceptable than smoking nowadays. With anti-smoking propaganda through the roof and the negative effects on your body that it can have been made clear for all to see, smoking traditional cigarettes is no longer as accepted in society as it was before vaping was introduced. Vapour, however, is viewed in a different light. Vaping e-liquid is available in a multitude of different flavours, each of which with their own smell and the majority of these flavours actually smells very nice. In addition to this most public places have a ban on smoking indoors because of this whereas vaping in usually allowed thus, making it the more socially acceptable practice out of the two.


In terms of cost, again vaping comes out head-and-shoulders above traditional cigarette smoking making it better for you financially. With the traditional cigarette prices continuing to rise, the everyday smoker is going to be spending a lot more than they are used to and this will only increase. Smoking a vaping device, however, will save you a lot of money as the highest quality vaporizer cost around £200, with the e-liquid used to fill them up being minimal after that. A 20 pack a day cigarette smoker could spend around £300 a month on traditional cigarettes meaning that switching to a vaping device would save them a significant amount in the future.

Now the health aspect. Is vaping healthier than smoking? The answer is a resounding yes. According to the UK Health Department, electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are up to 95% safer for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, due to vaping being a very recent trend there are hardly pieces of research that point to vaping having benefits for your overall health, however, what we do know is how bad traditional tobacco cigarettes are for you. As you may already know cigarettes are made up from thousands of chemicals which combine together to create the term ‘tar’. Research has shown that up to 70% of these chemicals have been proven to be cancer causing. In addition to this, traditional tobacco cigarettes cause around 6 million deaths per year and is the biggest avoidable killer of people in the entire world.

Overall smoking electronic devices is a clear winner in every category and is definitely better for your health than traditional tobacco cigarettes. cbd starter kit uk

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