Is Vaping Right for you?

Is Vaping Right for you?

19 January 2018

Many people both beginners and experienced users of e-cigs and vapes have many questions for why they vape and what all the fuss around vaping is about.

Vaping has many uses one of them being a means of anti-smoking. Although many people use them as a fashion choice the act of vaping has a more meaningful use. Relaxation. Relaxation is the key to vaping whether it is to relax your addiction or more recreational use in which is more common as of 2015 50% of smokers turned to vape and e-cigs and another 30% continue to smoke after they have kicked their nicotine addiction.

Some people say that vaping can be worse than regular cigarettes however, they couldn’t be more wrong, whereas the nicotine in a regular cigarette cannot easily decrease and e-cig can slowly wean the user off nicotine getting rid of the dependence on the product. Although many drop the e-cigs after being weaned off many carry on and do it for relaxation and in the end, it is flavoured water vapour.

Everyone has different reasons for vaping and e-cigs, however, we have only covered the 2 main ones. Some minor reason people may choose an e-cig over a regular cigarette is purely the technical side with various mods and tanks a very gadgetry person could get really excited especially with the range we have on offer here at DIYE-Liquids from various colours and pens to choose from an average person can easily customize their vape pen to their style.

Although many people believe that e-cigs, in general, are very complicated and difficult to use, however that couldn’t be far from the truth on our website we have a starter kit in which beginners can use to easily learn how to use replace and build your own e-cigs. Various coils and pens can be bought to customize your very own vape pen.

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