The cloud Chase

The cloud Chase

30 July 2018

We understand that some of you awesome Vapers won’t be happy till you are embedded in clouds of thick smoke. So here at DIY E-liquids we provide all the tools you need to be able to cloud chase!  From SMOK mods to high VG E-liquids. But other than the tools that we can provide what else does it take to actually cloud chase?

Well, first off you may need to be vaping for a while before you try to cloud chase or perform tricks, and you can learn this from watching videos online of people who are experienced in performing cloud chases and vaping tricks. And once you get the hang of it cloud chasing can become some serious fun!

Another way of performing awesome cloud chases and tricks Is by upgrading your mods and Customising its attributes to a way that you can do what you need to do, this is usually by upgrading your coils and battery’s as the vape is puffing clouds of smoke at such a high quantity your vaper will get really hot really quick. As well as looking into safer batteries for a cloud chase vape/mod you should look into rebuildable drip atomizer or sub-ohm tank which will allow the vaper to control over airflow is a must, as is adjustable power.

In regards to the juice you use to cloud chase, we recommend choosing a E-liquid with 0mg of nicotine as if you are practicing and repeatedly vaping you don’t want to keep vaping and take in high amounts of nicotine does which can result in dizziness and becoming lightheaded.

You maybe be asking why you would even want to start cloud chasing? Apart from the fact that it looks awesome and is awesome if you can do it, for the more serious and experience vapers, vapers who believe it as a lifestyle not just smoke in a tank, they tend to entertain people using this talent by creating online videos of tips and tricks and go to special events such as parties and competitions, speaking of which there is loads of vaping events out there such as the world vaping championship (And yes for those who don’t know, that is a thing) where experienced/pro vapers across the world can show their skills of in front of competitors and other users and can potentially win good money if they are chosen for a spot in first place.

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