Vaping in the Summer

Vaping in the Summer

28 July 2018

Summer is here and we hope you are all happy vaping! Vaping in this heat is a pros game and something to enjoy while sitting in the sun with a nice cold beverage in your hand and a big mod in the other! But they are some things you should know about vaping in the summer in regards to your safety.

Firstly, never leave your Vape and e-liquids in an area where heat damage can occur such as a car or a metal stand, as heat damage may occur to yours vape and result in damage of the vape of can cause damage to yourself when you next use, we would recommend leaving it in a cool or shady space where it can avoid direct sunlight. Leaving the Vape exposed to direct strong sunlight can ruin your battery in the vape by evaporating the fluid in the battery. This can harm the internal build of your tank.

If the E-liquid is left in strong heats/direct sunlight it can cause a discolouring to the liquid and effect the taste, and not for the best.  This is caused by ingredients within the E-liquid such as Vegetable Glycerin which is sensitive to sun rays. Vegetable Glycine is also used in foods and drinks that we would consume every day and like when you leave something in the oven too long or let a drink go warm the status and substance changes or goes bad. This is the same principle but we just don’t recommend you ever leave your E-liquids in a direct sunlight to go bad.

But on a positive side, when it comes to enjoying vaping in the summer, we at DIY E-liquids can provide a range of all things fruity, summary and sweet! So we got what your vape needs this summer to start puffing on some of the most refreshing flavours such as Lychee and Summer Berries flavored E-liquid Concentrates to create a fruity juice that will blow your mind and your taste buds.

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