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DIY E-Liquid Syringe and E-Liquid Syringe kit consists of a 10ml syringe with a blunt needle for those accurate measurements when applying Concentrates, Nicotine or CBD do your E-Liquid concoctions. These tools are a precise and accurate measurement appliance to advance the creations of your E-Liquids.

These E-liquid syringe kits / Vape Syringe kits consist of a Syringe which is used to store the chosen E-liquid concentrate or Nicotine shot. You also receive a blunt needle which is a stainless steel blunted ended 1.5-inch-long needle, with a very durable and strong build, and due to bluntness, you also avoid needle injury. Finally, you also receive the needle cover which is used to protect needle when the E-Liquid syringe kit is not in use, and of course, all this is followed with instructions.

All our E-Liquid Syringes are well built and have the great durability to keep washing and using them again when needed, these are a vital part of the mixing process when creating your own E-Liquids. Our Syringes have a perfect fit for each of our e-liquid bottles and we make sure you get your uses out of them when using.

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