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Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a base ingredient when it comes to E-liquids, and VG is an essence derived from plant oils, this usually is in the form of an odorless liquid with other natural mixtures. Vegetable Glycerine is a completely natural product which is usually colourless, odourless and is viscous. Vegetable Glycerine liquid is used in E-liquids, cosmetic production and in foods. Here at DIY E-liquids we use VG of the highest purity which is sourced from our connections across Europe. We make sure you receive the highest quality as VG actually makes up more than half of your E-liquids when creating your own, so we know how vital and essential this ingredient is, and here at DIY, we show you that we understand and care for the products we put out to you as a customer.

Both Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) blend nicely together to create your own E-liquids for your E-cig. Vegetable based E-liquids usually consist of nicotine and flavourings which are heated within the tank of your E-cig which is then vaporized to exhale and inhale. Vegetable Glycerine produces thicker smoke then Propylene Glycol when smoking it. The amount of VG and PG used also depends on the size and depth of your E-cigarette device or tank system you use. If you like thicker smoke when vaping then we advise more VG within your creation of the E-liquid, instructions are also given with the kits. Denser and thicker smoke when vaping comes from when vapers use tanks such as drippers and sub ohm tanks, as these sorts of vaping tanks use 50% to 90% of VG in the vegetable-based E-liquid mixes to produce a maximum amount of smoke, this is also called cloud chasing. If you prefer using standard clearomizers or atomizers than most vape kits using these devices tend to have less VG and more PG in their e-liquid mixes.

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