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DIY e-Liquids offers a wide range of premium eliquid flavour concentrates for your DIY eliquid mixing kits. The eliquid flavour concentrates are made in pharmaceutical grade labs in the UK. Eliquid flavour concentrates are divided into seven main categories and no matter that’s your taste you will find the flavour that you love and can vape it every day. Our best elliquid concentrates come in: fruit flavours, dessert flavours, drink flavours, menthol flavours, candy flavours, tobacco flavours and ice cream flavours.


If you are looking for flavour concentrates for your vaping eliquid to make it a healthier, lower nicotine alternative to cigarette smoking, our range of flavoured eliquid concentrates have the best deals in UK. The prices start as low as £1.99 for 10ml e liquid concentrate. Enjoy your vaping to the maximum with such wide variation of flavours. These special flavours are designed to add a high quality taste to your eliquid and give a pleasant taste in your mouth when vaping. Make your own vaping mix by adding one of eliquid flavour concentrates to your PG eliquid base, you can even add some nicotine shots to it and enjoy a well blended, tasty vaping juice. Some of our most popular e liquid flavour concentrates include: menthol, heisenberg, strawberry, cola, forest fruits, watermelon, mojito, vanilla custard, lemon cookie and there are many more to choose from. Now you can do it yourself and make your own flavoured eliquids. If you can’t find the taste you  are looking for, why not mix a few of eliquid flavour concentrates and make a vaping cocktail? You might discover some new exciting vape flavours. Mixing your own eljuice with eliquid flavour concentrates can be a fun and interesting hobby, amaze your friends and show off your best DIY eliquids with your favourite flavour concentrates. No matter what e liquid concentrates you choose to try we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you would like to know more on how to mix flavour concentrates with e liquid get in touch with us.

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