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E-Liquid Concentrates

E-Liquid concentrates offers amazing flavours to your e-liquid. We use highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our e-liquids concentrates that we sell, and are made in specially built clean rooms, this way our customers get the best quality, taste and experience when mixing their own e-liquid to use in their e-cigarettes. We are your one stop shop for creating your e-liquids from concentrate.

We supply the absolute, best quality e-liquid concentrates anywhere in the UK, and to e-liquid users all over the world. Our bespoke, engineered e-liquid concentrate includes a large range of the best concentrated vape flavours you will find, in a range of different flavours and strengths. No matter how much you love your e-liquid flavours, nothing compares to creating your own e-liquids from scratch with e-liquid concentrate. You can perfect the formula, getting your favourite e-liquids just right, and amaze your friends at your skills as an e-liquid concentrate mixologist, or just experiment with your e-liquid concentrate cookery skills until you create the ultimate flavour.

No matter who you are, whether you run your own vape shop, you’re an expert in e-liquid flavour and taste, or you think you can perfect and old e-liquid classic, you’ve found your one stop shop for e-liquid concentrate. At DIY e-liquid, we’re sure to have an e-liquid concentrate to match every taste. Our unique e-liquid concentrate contains flavours are concentrated to a high level, and, as a result, these e-liquid concentrates need to be diluted before they can be used. If you are looking at improving your e-liquid mixology skills, then we have the e-liquid concentrate you need to get started with a flavourful bang.

We have concentrates in a wide array of different flavours for you to choose from, insuring that when you create you e-liquid from concentrate, you can keep a supply of every flavour you love. The fact is that with DIY E-Liquid on your side, you can cut out the middle man, and take your e-liquid flavours into your own hands with the best e-liquid concentrate you will ever have the pleasure of working with.

E-Liquid Concentrates There are 30 products.


  • Fruit Flavour Concentrate

    Fruit Flavour DIY E-Liquid Concentrate Flavours.

    Fruit and berry flavour e-liquid concentrates that can be mixed with PG/VG to get that fruity flavour to you suite you taste.
    Our Fruit and berry e-liquid concentrates have intense flavour and are absolutely fantastic. Our DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavourings are made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are made in specially built clean rooms, this way our customers get the best quality, taste experience when using e cigarettes and mods.

    Available in 10ml,30ml,100ml,500ml,1000ml

    Please contact us for wholesale Prices

  • Mint / Menthol Flavour...

    Mint/Menthol Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

    DIY Eliquids are home to a whole host of different flavoured vaping juices, each of which are unique in taste, smell and come customisable to ensure you have the best vaping experience possible. A healthier alternative to traditional smoking, our range of flavoured eliquids will ensure that you have a great tasting vape experience with every juice you use. A popular range that we stock is our menthol range. The mint-menthol range is ideal for all who want to enjoy a refreshing mint flavoured vape. Our minty vaping e-liquids are strong in flavour, refreshing in taste and offer exceptional value for money. Every eliquid that you purchse from us here at DIY E-Liquids is guaranteed to give you 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Drink / Beverage...

    Drinks/Beverage Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

    Here at DIY E liquids we stock a huge variety of different flavoured unique vaping juices designed to give a unique taste, smell and improved customer experience every time you use us. Vaping is a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and with DIY you have a whole host of flavours and aroma's to choose from. One of our more alternative and unique e-juice flavour range is our drink/beverage selection. This selection gives you a mouthwatering selection of both soft and fizzy drink flavours designed to make your taste buds tingle and improve your vaping experience that much more. With fruit flavoured beverage e-liquids, milkshake flavoured e liquids and even Lucozade flavoured e liquids this wacky selection is sure to have something that is perfect for you.

  • Dessert Flavour...

    Dessert Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

    Our range of dessert flavoured e-liquids are a fantastic alternative vaping juice giving you a sweet and succulent taste with every vape you take. Our entire range of dessert flavoured e-liquids offer a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and our dessert range has a vast range of choice ensuring that we have a dessert vape that is perfect for you. In addition to this, all of our e-juices are made with only the highest quality pharmecutical grade ingredients ensuring that you get an exceptional vaping experience every time. Our dessert flavours include pie flavours, muffin flavours, fruit dessert flavours and a cookie flavour. Our entire flavour range has a unique taste and an even more unique smell, suitable for all.

  • Sweet / Candy Flavour...

    Sweet/Candy Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

    DIY E liquids are home to a vast variety of different flavoured e liquids, one range of which is our candy flavoured e juices. Our entire range of e liquids including our candy flavoured vapes are customisable, allowing you the user to alter the amount of PG/VG per your product and get the perfect taste and consistency that you desire. Additionally, all of our products are created with intense flavours and are made in the highest quality rooms with the highest quality pharmecutical grade materials. Our candy flavoured concentrates are a popular choice due to their booming taste and appealing aroma. Our vaping liquids include pastel flavours, a marsh mellow flavour and a buttermint cream flavour. With such a range of choice our products are guaranteed to be suitable for everyone and are a cheaper and safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items
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If you are looking to start making your own E-liquids and save a fortune at the same time you have come to the right place. Making your own e-liquids can be very rewarding and saving you a substantial amount. All our concentrates are all manufactured in the UK and are all made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. With our wide selection of flavours and diluents you will find everything you need to get started making your e-liquids.

We always carry a wide range of dropper bottles ranging from 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. So whatever you need we are sure you will find it here. Happy vaping.

As well as DIY E-liquids we also have a range of ready to vape E-Liquids at great prices, these range from 0mg to 18mg and are available in 50vg/50pg, 70vg/30pg and 80vg/20pg mixes.