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Sweet/Candy Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

DIY e-liquids are home to a vast variety of different flavoured e liquids, one range of which is our candy flavoured e juices. Our entire range of e liquids including our candy flavoured vapes is customisable, allowing you the user to alter the amount of PG/VG per your product and get the perfect taste and consistency that you desire. Additionally, all of our products are created with intense flavours and are made in the highest quality rooms with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade materials. Our candy flavoured concentrates are a popular choice due to their booming taste and appealing aroma. Our vaping liquids include pastel flavours, a marsh mellow flavour, and a buttermint cream flavour. With such a range of choice, our products are guaranteed to be suitable for everyone and are a cheaper and safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

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