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Tobacco/Cigarette Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrate flavours.

Being one of the most popular e-liquid flavours types the Tobacco flavour e-Liquid is Still the UK’s best e-Cig tobacco flavours. From smooth to Mellow tobacco e-Liquids, we provide the best replica tasting tobacco flavour e-Liquid. This range of tobacco flavored e-Liquids is made for the tobacco vaporizers that like to keep things traditional and have that sensation of smoking a cigarette without all the bad chemicals and effects of the smoke. So, whether you are looking for a tobacco flavour that is rich and Smokey or a smooth and sweet or even stronger and weaker in MG, you have the options and we have a Tobacco e-Liquid for you.

Our Tobacco E-Liquid concentrates are produced with real genuine Tobacco flavored essence giving you the real taste you expect from a cigarette based flavour and Vape. Be sure to browse our DIY e-liquid Tobacco flavours now and find the perfect one that works for you the best. 

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