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A box mod is an e cigarette that has an internal battery. Box Mods are regulated and are square in shape which is where the name comes from! As per the internal battery, you can use your box mod all day without the need to recharge which can be an issue with the smaller devices that need to be charged every few hours. Larger box mods will give you the option to change settings, temperature, controls and more. As box mods become more advanced the more efficient they will become. Ultimately, the vaping scene is gradually getting taken over by box mods, but that’s no reason to worry – with prices ranging from £20 to £300, you don’t have to be millionaire to enjoy its benefits. You can buy DIY Box Mods, Box Mod Kits and much more – we can tailor a package to suit you and give advice on products to ensure you get the best box mod kit for your needs!

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