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A vape pen is a battery powered device which consists of four main components. The tank, atomiser, sensors, and battery. Each of these parts works so that the material inside can be heated to produce a vapour, which the user then inhales. All in one vape pen mods are cylindrical rather than square. You can use vapour pens with nicotine or without. Vape Pens pull the liquid through to the heating element – known as the coil of the e-cigarette, the liquid is then vaporised changing it from liquid form into vapour which is inhaled by the user. Inside the vape tank are components which include a vape tank coil – this is made up of a wrapped wire with cotton and sometimes a ceramic wick. The wick soaks up the eliquid which is then heated up, vaporised and inhaled. Coils allow the user to tailor the vape experience regarding preference – options for warm vape, lots of clouds or a cooler vape with a stringer throat hit – there’s a coil out there for taste! Coils are measured in OHMs and are available in a variety of resistances. Coils can contain a range of wire types such as stainless steel, nickel, titanium and more. Sub Ohm Coils or Direct to Lung coils are fired at higher wattages and temperatures producing more intense flavours and bigger clouds of vapour. We stock coils including Aspire coils, Smok coils and so much more!

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