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Are you new to vaping? Or are you a seasoned vaper? We have a DIY Vape kit to accommodate your vaping needs and which perfectly ticks all the boxes no matter how long you have been vaping, or even if you have never vaped before and want to start. Here at DIY E-Liquids, we have a vast array of different vape kits that contain the highest quality products and tools to get you started or to advance your creations of E-liquid concentrates.

For the first time vapers and day one vapers you will find something to appeal to your vaping needs when purchasing one of our high quality and competitively priced DIY Vape kits, all kits are conveniently put together to match your level of vaping and what you will need to continue vaping or to get started on the vaping scene. We underline and make the hard work really simple for you by focusing on efficiency to conclude the technicality of each item, component, and E-liquid within each of our DIY Vape kits.  

We offer two alternative kits which accommodate both beginners and the more experienced when it comes to the vaping world. Our ranges all include E-cig batteries, Vape chargers, and accessories that are perfect to enhance your vaping experience. With of course a range of flavours and accessories for you to choose from, so you will be sure to have a new selection and something new to try out. The difference between the starter kit and the advanced kit is simply the size and the quantity of the products and components you get within the package, for example, stronger flavours, larger E-liquids, more parts such as VG/PG and the size of the vape products.

The mixing kits we provide on here at DIY E-Liquids can contain both nicotine and e-cigarettes without nicotine and we also stock accessory kits ensuring that we are guaranteed to have a vaping package that is perfect for you and your requirements.

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