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The main benefits of RTA & RDA units are that you can now build your very own coils to your exact desired resistance. RDA’s are by far the most popular choice for the cloud chasers of this world. For massive and thick cloud you should be selecting an RDA from DIY E Liquids awesome RDA range. RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer meaning you put a few drops of DIY E liquid onto your coil, burn it off my vaping and then drip on some more. With the RTA, which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer you simply have to fill that tank with your chosen favorite DIY E liquid and keep vaping until your tank is empty before you fill it up again!

RTAs are a sure way to go if you like to fill up your tank and get on with your day whereas RDAs are more for those indecisive folk amongst us we can drop and vape and chose a different flavour DIY E liquid juice for each time you take a hit!

With RDAs you can use pre-made drop in coils available in various resistances and gauges or you can make and install your very own coil and cotton inside the rebuildable base of your atomizer itself if you are able to. Wires with a higher resistance will require less power to work whereas lower resistances will require more power to work. It is usually suggested that those who are beginners ensure they are building above OHM and not SUB OHM whilst also knowing the safety parameters and limitations of the batteries in your device.

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